Air Fried Lobster Tails

Get the perfect tender lobster tail that is perfect for dipping in butter with this easy Air Fryer Lobster recipe.

Air Fried Lobster is a quick, easy, low carb indulgent dinner recipe that the whole family will love!

Air Fried  Lobster Tails



20 minutes

3 Servings


– Lobster tails – Olive oil – Smoked paprika – Butter – Fresh parsley, chopped – Lemon, cut wedges

Cut down the spine of the lobster tail just until you reach the last part of the tail.  Crack them open and remove the meat from the shell but leaving the end attached.  Place the meat on the top of the shell.

Place the lobster in your air fryer at 375°F for 4 minutes. Place a pad of butter on each tail then set the air fryer to 400 for 3 minutes.

Top with the parsley and serve with lemon and extra melted butter.

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